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To Life

Get 1 year access for a low flat fee.  No gimmicks, no hassles, just learning.

Who we are

As former teachers, and parents of children, we understand the importance and need for high quality learning.  Our resources are available to parents who are home schooling their children.  Whether it is temporary or permanent, we have resources and tools that you can use

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What You Get


All lessons (200+) have been created by certified teachers.  Lessons range from elementary to high school, and have a variety of activities and differentiation strategies.  We have lessons for science, history, English, mathematics and coding. Our AR and VR lessons can be used with or without a smartphone, depending on your students needs and interests.



Our interactive models can be viewed on a web browser, and were designed to the support learning of difficult concepts, or ones that are challenging to teach at home.

VR Tours

We're working with ThingLink to develop virtual, 360 degree tours to engage students and promote learning.  View the tours on your computer's web browser, or view them in virtual reality by viewing them on your mobile device with a VR headset.



We're developing augmented and virtual reality apps to support learning.  Get our apps and all content for free when you learn with us.  Our apps are currently only available on Android devices.  You can get an Android device specifically for learning from us.

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We're creating new content every day, so your child will always have something new to learn!