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Students can access the interactive models at home for easy remote learning.



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As former teachers, we understand the importance of  high quality lessons.  We have a database of over 200 lessons and activities.  Lessons range from pre-K to high school, and cover all major subjects.  Some lessons incorporate augmented reality, virtual reality, 360 tours or coding.  New lessons are added each week, so there is always something new to learn.

VR lesson plan


With our AR and VR lessons, students can interact with models and 360 images to further their learning.

AR lesson plan


Lessons were designed to engage students and include a variety of activities.

google expeditions kit


Created by teachers, all lessons are differentiated and meet the needs of different learning styles.

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Augmented Reality

Many of our lessons incorporate augmented reality as 2D images are transformed into interactive 3D models.  Our lessons can be used with or without the augmented reality feature, which allows anyone to use and access them, regardless of technology.



 Lessons are brought to life with augmented reality models, so students can fully engage with the material.



Students can interact with the AR models in real life by scaling and rotating them to get a better look at the objects.

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Designed by teachers to engage students in learning. Our lessons are exciting and interactive to support student learning and meet the needs of all students.

AR Curriculum

Use our AR lessons with our app, AR Curriculum. AR Curriculum is an exciting new way to learn.  Our lessons are brought to life with AR models, so students can fully engage with the material.  In addition to lessons, Aquila's AR Cards will inspire students to learn.  Read each card to learn more about the object, and then scan it with your device to view the model in real life.

Smart Phone Outline.webp

AR Skeleton

AR Skeleton is an exciting new way to learn.  Learn about the bones in the body or test your knowledge.  Interact with the skeleton as if it was right in the room with you. Scale and rotate the model to view the bones up close.​ ​All you need is a mobile device or tablet.  No need for target images or high end devices.

Smart Phone Outline.webp

Interactive Models


Interactive 3D models that you can use on your computer.

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Virtual Tours

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We have developed lessons using ThingLink that allow you to virtually visit places throughout the world in a 360 tour.  Each 360 tour can be viewed on a computer, phone or in virtual reality using a headset.  A worksheet is also included with each tour to further support learning.  


Create your own interactive images, videos and virtual reality tours using ThingLink.


Share the tours and images on the computer or through the app.


Use a mobile device to view the VR tour in virtual reality, or view it on a computer

Get 1 year access for a low flat fee.  No gimmicks, no hassles, just learning.